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If you would like to donate goods/services through Crossroads Global Village (UK), please use our Global Hand service. We do not actually warehouse goods in the UK, but we link donors with NGOs for whom they may be of strategic help.

We do all we can to ensure best practice so that the goods and services are used in deeply helpful and strategic ways. If this sounds like you, phone or visit our Global Hand website!

Global Hand has also built an online matching system for the United Nations to facilitate UN partnerships with corporations:

Donated goods can bring great assistance to NGOs if wisely placed, with consideration to shelf life, cultural sensitivity, environmental appropriateness and impact on local manufacture in struggling economies. Rightly placed product can free up funding for other crucial purposes. It can also see initiatives resourced when needed financial capital is not necessarily available. Pre-positioned product can also be invaluable in saving lives in the wake of a disaster.

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